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Rogue Legacy Reborn Arrangement Album Now Available

November 18, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Rogue Legacy Reborn Arrangement Album Now Availableon Twitter

If you were a fan of the music of Rogue Legacy, you now get to enjoy a second round of the indie rogue-lite’s tunes with Rogue Legacy Reborn.

Risen with a vengeance in the shadow of its forebear, comes an album for the generations: ROGUE LEGACY REBORN! A whole new breed of remixes and covers of all the songs you loved from the original soundtrack by a litter of amazing artists from the gaming world and beyond.

Comprised of 22 tracks, Rogue Legacy Reborn features arrangements of the original soundtrack done by composer “Tettrix” and “A Shell in the Pit” done up by a number of names in the game music arrangement scene, such as Stemage (Metroid Metal), Videri String Quartet, A_Rival and Careless Juja, plus a ton more.

The album is available on Loudr starting at $10, but if you feel so inclined you can throw the artists (and subsequently the original composers) a little extra.

Rogue Legacy Reborn – Loudr

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