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Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler Wizards of Legend Soundtrack Now Available

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Yesterday saw the release of the indie rogue-like action game Wizard of Legend on Steam and consoles. The game is receiving positive reviews for its fun challenges and flashy gameplay, and its soundtrack is something to note of as well. Composed by Dale North (Dragon Fantasy Book II, TORICKY), the game’s music features dynamic instrumentation featuring a array of string and piano work to create a high-paced fantasy backdrop to compliment the fast action of the game.

“Wizard of Legend’s fast play style and design calls back to my favorite era of gaming, which was during the Sega Saturn’s heyday. I channeled my love of the sound of those games by building a soundscape based around my collection of synthesizers from the 1990s and recording them the old way: manually analog, and layer by layer. And then in line with Wizard of Legend’s dazzling spells and chain attacks, I wrote high-tempo, soaring orchestral backings to support the synthesizers, aiming for a blend that would be both exciting and memorable.”- Dale North, Composer

The soundtrack features 14 tracks that showcase North’s funky electronic/orchestral hybrid style. The Wizards of Legend Original Game Soundtrack is currently available for purchase and download on Bandcamp through Scarlet Moon Records. It can also be nabbed as an add-on through Steam along with the game itself.

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