RPG Maker & Hiroki Kikuta Team Up for Art Contest

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What do Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta and the development game RPG Maker have in common? Well, an art contest evidently. Degica, the publisher of RPG Maker has announced a collaboration with the legendary composer involving art and music.

This exciting collaboration will bring two of Kikuta’s incredible music albums to RPG Maker – as DLC to complement your project or to give rise to your next grand game! Inspired by both classic and modern fantasy, the two albums feature Hiroki Kikuta’s memorable style and flowing melodies.

The contest starts on 16th Dec 2016 and ends 16th Jan 2016. Winning art will be used as both cover art and feature art for the albums, and winners will receive a physical copy of the albums – signed by Hiroki Kikuta himself!

Not a bad gig for those more artistically-inclined than musically. The contest also offers monetary prizes for the top three winners. You can check out the details on the RPG Maker Contest website.

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