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Sakamoto Returns, Spins, Falls for echochrome iisy

June 29, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Sakamoto Returns, Spins, Falls for echochrome iisyon Twitter

Noisycroak’s Hideki Sakamoto will be returning for the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, echochrome ii, the sequel to the Playstation Network downloadable puzzler, echochrome. echochrome featured a very intelligent and charming soundtrack (recently made available for download on the PlayStation Network, review to come soon!) made up of a string quartet – most uncommon for a game soundtrack. Sakamoto is also famous for his work on Yakuza 3, a massive departure from the echochrome series in every way.

It’s a great movie by the folks over at Sony’s JAPAN Studio to bring back Sakamoto as the soundtrack was one of the staples of the series. Plus, it’s damn fine music.

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