Saturday Morning RPG Gets Vinyl Release

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smrpg-vinylThe vinyl craze keeps chugging along, covering not only game, television and movie soundtracks, but now albums inspired by them!

Saturday Morning RPG, the original soundtrack by Transformers composer Vince DiCola and his partner Kenny Meriedeth which features a bevy of guest musicians, will be receiving a limited release on vinyl as of today! The limited pressing will be available exclusively from Limited Run Games to be sold in two batches on September 16, 2016 at 9:30am Eastern and 5:30pm Eastern.

“Growing up as we did in an era when it was the main and most popular format in which to purchase our favorite music, Kenny and I are excited that our Saturday Morning RPG soundtrack is being released on vinyl. Special thanks to Jayson Napolitano at Scarlet Moon Records and Josh Fairhurst at Mighty Rabbit Studios for making this happen!” – Vince Dicola

Side A
01. Tune in for Saturday Morning RPG!
02. Saved by the Bell
03. What Was That?
04. Battle Scene
05. Dawn of a New Day
06. Power Plant
07. Trust -Badbot’s Theme-
08. Fallen Angel
09. Castle of the Gods
10. Determination
Side B
01. Overdrive
02. Legacy
03. No Risk, No Glory
04. Dawn of a New Day (feat. stemage and C-jeff)
05. Saturday Morning Arcade Shooter (feat. virt)
You can pick up one of the limited copies of Saturday Morning RPG on vinyl at the times listed above on Limited Run Game’s website. Digital copies of the soundtrack are also available on Bandcamp.
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