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SDCC 2011: El Shaddai Arrange Album in the Works

SDCC 2011: El Shaddai Arrange Album in the Works

July 25, 2011 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook SDCC 2011: El Shaddai Arrange Album in the Workson Twitter

With the North American release of El Shaddai right around the corner, Ignition UTV decided to throw a launch party this past weekend at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego. At the lively event that featured music, previews of the game, exclusive swag, and of course lots of alcohol, designer Sawaki Takeyasu was on hand to speak a bit about the game. We had the chance to ask him about some rumblings we’d heard about an arrangement album for the game’s soundtrack, and he confirmed that this was in fact in the works.

When I tried to pry for more details, I was told that the project is still in the works, and that composer Masato Kouda would be heading up the album. Multiple artists will apparently be featured, but I for one am curious as to how they’ll go about arranging an orchestral soundtrack that was so ethereal and atmospheric without a lot of catchy melodies to reinterpret. I’m still excited about it though!

What do you think of the prospect of an El Shaddai arrange album? Are you looking forward to the game early next month?

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