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Small game, Big Sound:  Side Slider Original Soundtrack (Review)

Small game, Big Sound: Side Slider Original Soundtrack (Review)

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Side Slider is a free to play mobile game available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  The arcade style game was the brainchild of Long Island University Post graduate students and was designed to  jog your Geometric memory.  Gameplay involves sliding shapes off of your screen and getting a set target down to zero.   Side Slider hearkens back to a time when striving for high scores was all-important.

The music for the game was composed by Eric Guadara using  LMMS,  using an open-source music-making tool available at I have listened to the full soundtrack and was pleasantly surprised with the overall sound which is engaging and large. This is the type of sound I would expect to find in an arcade cabinet game. Listening to the music at times took me back to my teenage marathon sessions of The Next Tetris on Sega Dreamcast.

You can see a brief clip of the game in action in the video above. The a soundtrack runs just under 20 minutes, but contains a solid amount of music for a mobile phone game. My favorite track is “Heart BeepBop” which sounds a bit like a Marble Madness tribute, which I think might be one of the composer’s favorites after I visited their personal website.

You can grab a copy of it on bandcamp for $3 which should buy at least one cup of coffee for the composer, as it’s one of their album release goals.

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