Smashing Crispy Goodness: Bacon EP Available For Free

February 20, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Smashing Crispy Goodness: Bacon EP Available For Freeon Twitter

The Smash Bros, the dream team arrangement band with often not so dreamlike output, released Bacon EP at MAGFest 7 to great response. The CD had outstanding production values, clever arrangements and a good mix of fan favorites to satisfy most game music fans out there. Plus, it was one of my top 5 doujin / arrangement projects of 2009 last week. The release was limited in its run along side virt’s Kwakfest album, and over time the pressing ran out, and now it’s finally sold out.

But fear not if you haven’t gotten your hands on it, ’cause the Smash Bros have decided to release the EP for free on their website, and on top of that, they threw in a new bonus track as well! For the convenient price FREE, you can now hear Midee, Prozax, Norg, Ailsean and virt tear through classics such as Life Force, Earthbound, Final Fantasy, Castlevania and Actraiser. I used to walk my dog to this CD and it made simple trips to the park as epic as an afternoon dump after Taco Bell and donuts, a deadly combination I know all too well.

Grab the Bacon EP at

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