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Smaze Original Sound Version Will Most Definitely Win Soundtrack of the Year

September 16, 2008 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Smaze Original Sound Version Will Most Definitely Win Soundtrack of the Yearon Twitter

Alright, maybe not, but I wanted to let you guys know that I’ve scored my first game.  Smaze is a top-down NES-style game by Ludoko Studios, and it’s finally available for download.  Even more, the team has been kind enough to upload a separate zip file containing the game’s music.  It plays somewhat like Commando, except you get infinite lives which is definitely appreciated.  Oh, and you can pump yourself full of drugs and see dead bodies all over the ground.  Pretty sweet!

As I typically don’t write chip music, I found this project to be very challenging.  I definitely couldn’t have done it without the amazing NES VSTs at Tweakbench (especially Peach VST), so thanks a ton to the guys over there who put this stuff out there for free.  I hope that I was able to create something catchy that’s reminiscent of the old NES days, so let me know what you think! There’s a whopping five minutes and forty seconds of music here, so head on over and grab the game and the soundtrack.

Do you feel these kinds of independent games have made Capcom’s approach to Mega Man 9 possible?  Do you think we’ll be seeing a lot more NES-style games in the future?

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