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Sneaking up on us like a Ninja: SHINOBI MUSIC COLLECTION announced!

Email This Post Share on Facebook Sneaking up on us like a Ninja: SHINOBI MUSIC COLLECTION announced!Tweet This Post Print This Post 06.29.09 | | 4 Comments

Shinobi fans, you better get ready for this one.

Wave-Master has just recently announced it will release LEGEND OF JOE MUSASHI ~SHINOBI MUSIC COLLECTION~. It will include many soundtracks never before released in CD form, such as Shadow Dancer, Cyber Shinobi and Alex Kidd in Shinobi World.

Yuzo Koshiro is responsible for many of the Shinobi soundtracks, and that alone should justify a purchase for any VGM collector. For some reason, it seems Richard Jacques’s Shinobi Legions soundtrack was left out however, which was released as Shinobi X in Japan. Wave-Master also cut some western talent off Daytona USA’s collection box in April, but if it is based on the same issues, is hard to say.

The set will be 4 discs and goes for 5040 JPY. You can be sure I will be running down to the post office in my white pj’s with my white dog Poochie tagging along to pick this one up. Actually now that i think about that, I only own a pair of pink pj’s…

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