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sOMG! (Secret of Mana Genesis) sounding mighty good…

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I’d posted earlier about how Square Enix was attempting to dominate the summer with good arrangements. This morning, I awoke to find this site, posted by James Oikawa over at the STC Forums. It’s got 4 audio samples and the full tracklist, as well as methods for ordering the CD (which is set for release August 8, 2012).

Based on the samples, I think it’s safe to say that Kikuta’s style of self-arrangement will essentially be like some sort of amazing HD remake of the Seiken Densetsu 2 (aka Secret of Mana) OSV from the Super Famicom days. Think of the high-quality synths Kikuta has used on projects like Shining Hearts, and use those to re-create the beauty of Kikuta’s best-known work. I think this album concept is going to work well.

(Thanks, James, for the heads-up!)

Preorder: CDJapan

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