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Shenmue Music Returns After 8 Years Via Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing

October 15, 2009 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Shenmue Music Returns After 8 Years Via Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racingon Twitter

On October 7th, SEGA revealed the newest character added to their Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing roster to be none other than Ryo Hazuki! Ryo is of course most well known for being the hero of the Shenmue series, SEGA’s masterpiece on the Dreamcast. Most fans believed this announcement would never happen, but not only did their wish come true, but Ryo will also use his forklift from the dock sequences! Alex Kidd and Ryo playable side by side, a dream come true for my little heart.

This marks the first time Ryo has been playable in any shape or form since 2003. And like Sega Superstar Tennis , this game seems to sport arrangements of classic SEGA music from the different games the stages and characters are taken from, so this will also be the first time in many years we might get some new Shenmue arrangements! The last CD I can think of that arranged Shenmue music was SEGA Piano Nocturne released back in 2005. Looks like we got a lot to be excited for with this game, both in the audio and gameplay department! Richard Jacques was responsible for SUMO’s last crossover title, SEGA Superstar Tennis , so chances are high on him returning to arrange for this game as well.

The game is scheduled for release Spring 2010 on all platforms.

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