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Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Games Get Music Release With Sonic BeATS Album

September 11, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Games Get Music Release With Sonic BeATS Albumon Twitter


Far be it for me to miss a tribute to a Sega console, especially when that tribute is Sonic the Hedgehog related. In time for the 18th anniversary of the launch of the Sega Dreamcast on 9/9/99, musical artist Funk Fiction along with Materia Collective, have released an album with music dedicated to the Sonic tribute games, Sonic: Before the Sequel and Sonic: After the Sequel.

The fan games, created by LakeFeperd back in 2012 and 2013 respectively, were composed by Pejman “Funk Fiction” Roozbeh with completely original music for each Act of both games. Now, years after their release, publisher Materia Collective has aided Roozbeh in releasing the game’s soundtrack in a compressed album, Sonic BeATS.

In the same philosophy of evolution from the first two Sonic games towards the third, I wanted to apply the same maturation for Sonic BTS and ATS. This time, integrating external influences such as Yuzo Koshiro’s Streets of Rage, the French Touch flavor of early Daft Punk’s Homework & Discovery, and the rich, gooey, and supremely funky essence of Jamiroquai. This is the result of what you hear in Sonic BeATS. – Funk Fiction

When original Sonic the Hedgehog 3 composer Jun Senoue praises the work on music composition for Sonic fan games, you know there’s something to be said of the quality. The 18-track album is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

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