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SoulCaster Gets Merchant’s Legendary Arrangements Remix Album

February 14, 2012 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook SoulCaster Gets Merchant’s Legendary Arrangements Remix Albumon Twitter

You can call me a huge fan of MagicalTimeBean, the one-man studio behind SoulCaster and more recently, Escape Goat. I loved the retro soundtracks for the SoulCaster titles, and in addition to them being available for a name-your-own-price on Bandcamp, they’re also available alongside an exclusive six-track arrangement album through the Indie Royale Valentine’s Bundle.

Included are games Zeno Clash, Hoard, Lume, both SoulCaster titles (now on PC!) as well as their soundtracks and the remix album. As of right now, the remix album is exclusive to this bundle, featuring arrangements from some of my favorite artists including Neversoft’s Kyle Johnson, yogurtbox’s Surasshu, and Jake “virt” Kaufman among others. The remixes are all pretty solid, but I admit it’d be hard to screw up Ian Stocker’s original compositions. They’re that good.

Hit up the bundle on Indie Royale and let us know what you think of the remix album if you pick it up. Would you like to see it released separately?

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