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SQ Party LEVEL2 -NieR NighT- Coming This Month!

October 6, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook SQ Party LEVEL2 -NieR NighT- Coming This Month!on Twitter

I guess the SQ Party LEVEL1 event was a success. I tuned in with 3,000 others to watch the performance, although we also had a correspondent there who will be providing impressions soon. It looks like Square Enix is following-up the event on October 28 with SQ Party LEVEL2 -NieR NighT-, which will apparently be dedicated to the recent NieR Tribute Album -echo- with both Go-qualia and world’s end girlfriend (and more) in attendance.

The performance will take place at the same venue, 2.5D, and will be streamed on the venue’s Ustream channel. It will take place on a Friday this time, and has been moved back thirty minutes to 20:30 (4:30 AM PST and 7:30 AM EST). Interestingly, the price has also gone up from 1,500 Yen to 2,000 Yen if you want to go in person! While I’m a fan of the SQ series, I’m definitely a much bigger fan of NieR, so I’m excited to check this out later this month.

Did you tune into the LEVEL1 concert, and will you be tuning in this time? Have any requests for songs to be performed?

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