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Square Enix Announces Largest VGM Box Set Ever… And It’s For the SaGa Series?!

May 16, 2009 | | 8 Comments Share thison Facebook Square Enix Announces Largest VGM Box Set Ever… And It’s For the SaGa Series?!on Twitter

You heard that right. In August of this year, Square Enix will ship out copies of what is not only their largest box set, but is actually the largest box set of game music in the history of the genre. The SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack -PREMIUM BOX- contains 20 CDs of music (OSTs for every game in the series, though no arranged albums unfortunately), as well as a bonus DVD and some extra visual content included in the box.

Of course, it’s retailing for over $200, so you’d better start saving for it now. The Square Enix Members Store is already taking preorders. As for me, I’ll wait until an import-friendly shop like Play-Asia or VGM World lists it.

So we really want to hear feedback on this. Why this large a box, and why for this “underdog” franchise? Obviously, celebrating the 20th anniversary is a big deal, but it’s not like they put out a 40 disc box set for the Final Fantasy 20th anniversay (which took place two years ago). And who’s looking forward to reliving their favorite musical moments from Kenji Ito and Masashi Hamauzu?

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