Starbomb Releases Zelda Rap with New Hilarious Animated Video

October 10, 2015 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Starbomb Releases Zelda Rap with New Hilarious Animated Videoon Twitter

Delivering a little humor for your Saturday morning, the team from the band Starbomb (ie. Egoraptor & Ninja Sex Party) have added a twist to their rap parodying The Legend of Zelda called “The Hero of Rhyme”. Although not featuring music from the games, the references are plenty and the new animated video done by Studio Yotta is ridiculous and amusing and for once Navi is useful. (Not that it ends up mattering)

Far from the only animated music piece any part of Starbomb has done, it was nonetheless fun to watch. Player Select that “The Hero of Rhyme” is featured on can be purchased at CDbaby.

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