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Starscream ‘Future And It Doesn’t Work’ Digital Re-Release + Remixes

July 26, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Starscream ‘Future And It Doesn’t Work’ Digital Re-Release + Remixeson Twitter

Starscream, the two-piece progressive rock ensemble from New York City is without a doubt one of our favorite chiptune acts here at OSV. They tell stories about space, and they fill your ears with loud, sublime beauty while doing so. Back in 2009, the duo released their EP, Future And It Doesn’t Work on NYC’s premiere chiptune netlabel, 8bitpeoples, acting as a sort of prologue to the events depicted in their moody 8-bit rock opera, The Space Years (which we reviewed, and absolutely loved).

Now, bolstered by a digital bonus disc of remixes from a stellar cast of chiptune giants like Bit Shifter and Covox, Starscream are re-releasing both EPs as a digital downloads. Several of the tracks are free to download, and you can get both albums for only $8 total.

Download/Buy: Starscream – Future, And It Doesn’t Work

Download/Buy: Starscream – The Space Years

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