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STFUAJPGM Tells Tales of Love, Chiptunes and Pixel Art

January 21, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook STFUAJPGM Tells Tales of Love, Chiptunes and Pixel Arton Twitter

Every month or so, Steve Jenkins of indie games studio Crystal Labs regales us with a thematic short story, told through text, images and a fine selection of chip music. The result is a “micromusic mixtape magazine” named STFUAJPGM, which we can only assume stands for “Shut the F*** Up And Just Play Game Music.” A bit crass, yes, but our only other guess was “Save That Fantastic Upside-down Aardvark JPEG, Man” so we’re going to stick with the former.

In addition to being a great source for the very best in chip music, STFUAJPGM is an intriguing experiment in multimedia storytelling. The latest episode, titled “Companion” tells the bittersweet tale of two lovers and their journey into the unknown. Each ‘act’ is comprised of a song, a short paragraph and an illustration from one of five contributing pixel artists. With so many different forms of media fused into one cohesive product, it’s hard to say precisely what STFUAJPGM is. However, we can say for certain that it’s really neat, and that you should take a moment to visit the series’ official website and check out its back catalog. With any luck, we’ll be seeing more episodes in the near future.

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