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Strategy RPG Kenshi Soundtrack Available Now

May 17, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Strategy RPG Kenshi Soundtrack Available Nowon Twitter


The soundtrack for the new indie RPG strategy sandbox game Kenshi has now dropped for your listening pleasure!

Available on Steam in early access, Kenshi is a free-roaming RPG with squad-based combat and several class types for you to group up and roam the open-world environment with your team. The soundtrack of the game is equally diverse, being composed by Kole Hicks (Pixel Privateers) and featuring some unique style in its composition.

The music system in Kenshi has been designed in such a way, that as you play through the game the engine randomly selects from a handful of different musical elements to create new compositional excerpts. It is this ambient approach and “non-player interactivity” of the music that reinforces Kenshi’s indifferent tone.Kenshi Bandcamp Page

The music does indeed seem random in its style, but it’s not jarring or off-putting as one might think. Although the title might make one think the music would be Asian-inspired, rest assured that the soundtrack has a good blend of several styles, including a title that actually makes me think a little bit of Diablo‘s “Tristram”, which is never a bad thing.

The Kenshi soundtrack is available for purchase on Bandcamp and for $5.00.

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