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Sugiyama Obsession: One Woman’s Extreme Love Of Dragon Quest Music

September 21, 2009 | | 13 Comments Share thison Facebook Sugiyama Obsession: One Woman’s Extreme Love Of Dragon Quest Musicon Twitter

So, when contributor Tim van Ingen posted his impressions from the Dragon Quest IX live concert in Japan a few weeks ago, OSV got a pretty significant wave of reply comments. Among them was this one, from Brittany Rodiger. Full quote:

“I really Love Koichi Sugiyama’s music his symphonic melody’s are Like Classical to me even when his Town Themes Have a Jazzy Big Band tune With Trumpets and Trombones in it it calms me down And I Have his Jazzy rhythms inside of me even when I hear them it’s like he’s being a big Jeark but when I also Listen to his Love themes he’d saying that he wants to make a girl Happy because he cares about her and he Loves her I’ve actually met Him in 2007 And I Miss him so Much became he was so nice to me when he walked right up to me and because he was very Kindhearted man even if he’s 78 years old I don’t want him to Die I really miss him so much and I’ll always Love him and his music forever and ever”

The lack of punctuation and general grammatical awkwardness could be due to poor schooling, or perhaps she was just too excited to take a breath in virtual space. Look, we all get excited about Sugiyama around here. The man is a legend, even if he has some wacky political views. But sometimes it’s good to chill out, just a bit.

To witness Brittany’s full love of Sugiyama, check out the above video, where she claims she met Sugiyama. One of those photos looks a little… off… to me. Photoshop? Maybe. But she insists that they’ve met, and she’s so happy to proclaim it that she makes the statement in nearly every one of her 34 replies to comments for this video.

It’s really so over-the-top, that I have to wonder if she’s serious, or if this is some elaborate ruse to make the fanboys and fangirls out there.

Is this a joke or the ultimate act of fandom? You be the judge!

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