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Sweden Runs Out of MP, True Form Revealed

July 4, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Sweden Runs Out of MP, True Form Revealedon Twitter

We really can’t get enough of Sweden these days. We must admit that we’ve recently enjoyed releases by Mikael Fyrek and Suecae Sounds, and today we have yet another EP out of this musical mecca. However, while Surasshu claims that Sweden is known for its beautiful electronic music, I think the Kravallsviten EP by Stay Ali on the signorafranca label provides a more accurate depiction of the state of things over in Europe. And oh, did I mention these guys are only sixteen years old?

Learn the truth after the jump.

The Kravallsviten EP features three tracks in chip tune style, immediately reminding me of Sword of Vermilion on the Sega Genesis. The fantasy nature of the music found here really takes listeners back to a simpler time, or to modern-day Europe where I’m told people still rely on windmills for power and every town has an inn and weapon shop. These songs act as our guide through the mythical land of Sweden.

Simply titled “Part I,” the first track provides a sweet introduction with pizzicato notes and a lovely flute. However, the beauty is short lived as a typical “let’s go on a journey” segment comes in at the end, complete with an epic chord progression and a joyous melody.

“Part II” starts off with distortion and gloom; an appropriate accompaniment to the the many caves and dungeons that are scattered throughout Sweden, likely full of grand treasures… and powerful foes! The track is actually quite pretty. The instrument swaps are effective at keeping things fresh.

Finally, “Part III” offers an upbeat ending that is somewhat subdued for a brief moment before a blast of percussion and arpeggiated notes are unleashed. I’d be this ecstatic if I were living in Sweden as well.

What can I say? I love Sweden just as much as anyone else I guess! Head over to signorafranca for a free download without delay! What do you think of the music? Impressive for a trio of sixteen year olds, ‘eh?

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