Sylvanwood EP: Generic Forest Music Released On Mephtik Netlabel

January 6, 2009 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Sylvanwood EP: Generic Forest Music Released On Mephtik Netlabelon Twitter

Yes, it’s that time again. Mephtik Netlabel has put out its sixth release, and to even further the shameless self-promotion of my netlabel, this one comes from me (with love)! Titled Sylvanwood EP, and released under my Arcubalis alias, the EP is a 4-track collection of tunes from the last few years that sort of fit together with a loose “forest” theme.

The first track is actually co-written by my fellow Italian and friend Matthew “Blisaed” Centonze, who’s an amazing ambient artist. He wrote the first thirty seconds or so and I expanded upon it to its full length. “Shadow’s End Glade” is my (poor) stab at Yasunori Mitsuda’s style, which you may notice from the track’s title, which refers to “Shadow’s End Forest” from Chrono Cross. “Tree of Holy White Light” is a brooding track with an epic melody, and “Sunlit Vista” is an attempt to write some serious ambient music. As always, it’s downloadable for free, so why not? I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Oh, and I guess I should mention the artwork that I borrowed from weiweihua on deviantART. While I tried to secure permission to use it via his (her?) email and blog, I never got a response. Hope this link makes up for it.  The full piece, titled “the Forest church 2,” is a really beautiful image.

Have you been downloading any of the music I’ve been pushing on you from Mephtik Netlabel? Do you have a favorite release so far?

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