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Tag Team Action: IOSYS and Hudson Team Up

Tag Team Action: IOSYS and Hudson Team Up

February 21, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Tag Team Action: IOSYS and Hudson Team Upon Twitter

Doujin as most of you know by now usually refers to unofficial fan arrangement works. There are many famous groups in the doujin scene, and once they got some shine on their work, it can lead to 2 things, cease or desist, or collaborations with official companies. Luckily for IOSYS, it’s the latter in this case.

IOSYS, one of the biggest circles in the doujin scene is teaming up with Hudson for a 14 track extravaganza, with arrangements of Star Soldier, Adventure Island, Bomberman, Ninja Hattori-kun and many other Hudson classics from the Famicom era. The CD is titled Legend of Master Takahashi ~16 Shot Rapidfire Spirit~ and neither Hudson nor IOSYS is holding back on the promotional aspects, with countless videos, events and merch being produced to promote the release.

All the songs are vocal and sung in a hyperactive fashion only the Japanese can master, and speaking of mastering, the songs are all sung by Takahashi “Master Higgins” Meijin, the chief of Hudson Soft and title character in Adventure Island. REDALiCE, a famous electronica artist from the scene also lends a hand on this release.

The album goes for ¥2100 and can be imported from or Toranoana.

[Denpa no Sekai via Siliconera]

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