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Taiwanese Horror Game Star Diffusion to be Composed by Weifan Chang

October 25, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Taiwanese Horror Game Star Diffusion to be Composed by Weifan Changon Twitter

Now for some international horror game news for your Halloween season, Taiwanese game development company CELAD, Inc. has announced that the music of their new mobile sci-fi horror work Star Diffusion will be composed by the famous record producer Weifan Chang.

Star Diffusion is a top-down mobile game in development for release next year, putting you in the shoes of a man named Leonard who is investigating some strange goings-on on “Planet XENO” while also looking for his daughter’s whereabouts. The company’s producer, Fate Yaiba said he specifically chose Taiwanese composer Weifan Chang to compose Star Diffusion‘s music because of his particular style and knowing how crucial music was to the atmosphere of a good horror game.

“I love horror games, and always wear earphones while playing them.  I eventually met Weifan Chang through serendipity, and his music impressed me very much. Therefore, when the development of “Star Diffusion” came to stage of music production, the first person I thought of was Weifan Chang.” – Fate Yaiba

Weifan has composed for Taiwanese games, television and film, including the film Lucretius and another horror game, Detention.

Star Diffusion will be featured in this year’s “G-STAR” show, which is the biggest game show in South Korea. The game will be released in 2018 for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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