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Take Flight with Ground Pound Falcon’s Album “Press Start”

January 13, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Take Flight with Ground Pound Falcon’s Album “Press Start”on Twitter

We’re in a day and age where being a video game rock band is starting to become a more common thing. Simply going through our recent MAGFest features, you can see a wide variety of performers who have stepped up, grouped together and taken the dive into the world of video game music arrangements. Since this is becoming a more mainstream concept, it will be increasingly more difficult for newer bands to shine through and not be lost in the doldrums of mediocrity.

Enter Ground Pound Falcon; comprised of Noah Copeland performing guitar, bass and main vocals and Austin Anderson on drums and providing backing vocals. The duo hailing from Lawton, Oklahoma released their debut album “Press Star” back in mid-December to the masses for auditory consumption. Featuring 7 tracks from familiar games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania and Super Mario 64, the band does a good job of putting their own spin on some classic tunes and produce a slew of high-quality pieces that make for an interesting EP release.

The twist they put into their style that most other VGM bands do not is the inclusion of original lyrics into their arrangements. Sung primarily by Copeland, the lyrics incorporate references to the source tunes and games they hail from, sung in a way that’s reminiscent of many groups from the ’90s rock and metal genre. Being a bold move, as vocal lyrics in video game music arrangements come away with mixed results from listeners and fans of the source music and can turn some people off, Ground Pound Falcon nonetheless own their style with all the enthusiasm of genuine gaming fans and true metalheads. Songs such as their take on “Green Hill Zone” and “Bloody Tears” may seem a bit jarring upon first listen, but you can tell their hearts are 100% in their music, and to me that’s the soul of what it means to be a lover and performer of game music.

“Press Start” is currently up for purchase and download on Loudr, iTunes and available for your listening pleasure on the band’s Youtube.

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