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The Good, The Bad & The Game Boy: Glomag’s New Album + Live Blip Fest Recordings

January 15, 2010 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook The Good, The Bad & The Game Boy: Glomag’s New Album + Live Blip Fest Recordingson Twitter

New York’s Blip Festival, the world’s largest and most esteemed chip music event, may have already saddled up and rode into the sunset, but chiptune auteur Chris Burke (aka Glomag) has made sure that fans will find plenty glittering audible gold in the cold months that follow. His newest album, Roland & The Lamprey, which begins with a Game Boy and guitar cover of Ennio Morricone’s famous Spaghetti Western diddy, “Ecstasy of Gold,” was released as a free download on chiptunes netlabel 8bitpeoples following the festival’s conclusion in December. From the undeniably infectious beats of “Ice Me Nine” and “Disco Nostromo” to the dark and catchy discord of “Bad Therapy,” Glomag’s latest offering fuses high energy fist-pumping anthems with complex and stylish vocal pop.

And just in case you missed seeing him live at Blip Fest, you can now also download recordings of Glomag’s entire live set, courtesy of the Free Music Archive. With this and even more solid stuff on the way, I’d say that chip music is off to pretty good start in 2010, wouldn’t you? Have a listen after the jump.

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