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The Inner World OSTs are coming to vinyl via BLACK SCREEN RECORDS

August 7, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook The Inner World OSTs are coming to vinyl via BLACK SCREEN RECORDSon Twitter


The soundtracks for Headup Games, The Inner World and it’s sequel, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk are being released to LP vinyl in time for the latter’s release next month.

Released in 2013, the original game is a 2D Point ‘n Click adventure where you control the main protagonist as he explores the world and solves puzzles in an attempt to find the source of the wind’s disappearance in his world. A small indie game that received generally favorable reviews, the music for The Inner World was composed by Christian Barth, with Barth now heading up the soundtrack for the game’s sequel, The Last Wind Monk.

The music features atmospheric orchestration that remains subtle in both games and plays to the simplistic yet still engaging tone and gameplay. Subtle string and chime melodies create a charming musical backdrop for the journey of Robert the flute-nose.

The vinyl soundtracks come on audiophile 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve with original artwork by developer Studio Fizbin and with an unique download code for both digital soundtracks as MP3s or WAVs. You can pre-order the black or purple & green variants of the LP release on the Black Screen Records website, or listen to the soundtrack for both game’s music streaming on Spotify, iTunes or on Bandcamp.

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