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The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime The Original Soundtrack (REVIEW)

February 10, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime The Original Soundtrack (REVIEW)on Twitter

A trip through the time stream that’s worth taking, the Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is an oldschool computer game with plenty to enjoy even today, including it’s soundtrack.

For a bit of history, the Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime was a remake of the classic PC game, The Journeyman Project (aka Turbo!) (1992); a game that was bundled with the first PC I ever owned, a Packard Bell.  I really enjoyed the game at the time because of its time travel and puzzle solving elements. And if memory serves the CD-ROM for the game did contain some tracks that could be played in a regular CD player – just like the Ecco The Dolphin games on SEGA CD. The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime was originally released on Macintosh in 1997, and was also supposed to be released on Playstation, and Sega Saturn as The Journeyman Project the Director’s Cut – which never materialized.  The game has since been remastered with upgraded graphics, cinematic, and the soundtrack was also tweaked. The game is now available for download from Good Old Games

This soundtrack was released prior to the game’s re-release and contains music from the original Journeyman Project, and Pegasus Prime. Music is presented in chronological order as it appears in the game, and listening to the CD for me felt like I was playing the game on a speedrun. All of the memories I had from playing the game came flowing back to me. Some of the tracks sound a bit dated as they are from the early 90’s but none of them overstay their welcome including Track 11 – “Elevator Ride” which I imagined what elevator music would sound like in hell. Three composers contributed to the music with Geno Andrews and Jack Harris composing the majority of the tracks and the remaining few by Bob Stewart who composed all the music for the sequel.

There are a total of 35 tracks, with a few dedicated to quotes from the menacing robots encountered in the game. “Out of my way human.” My favorite track on the album is Track 15 – “Into the Time Stream” that combines the sound of blowing winds, piano and rock guitar. This track is used in the game each time the player is traveling through time and has a runtime just over one minute, my only wish was that it was longer.  Other memorable tracks include Track 2 – “The Year 2318”, a fanfare and the main title for Pegasus Prime, Tracks 21 – “Race Against Time”, and 22 –  “Coprates Minor” which play during the game’s Mar Shuttle sequences, and Track 33 – “The Journeyman Fanfare” covering the main theme for the series featuring the sounds of digital horns, percussion and rock guitar that transitions into a soft digital flute melody which really brings back the 90’s PC sound in a good way.  Track 35 – “Pegasus Forever” is a robust rocking tune, and just a lot of fun. The soundtrack has a total runtime of 31:46.  The Pegasus Prime Original Soundtrack is a solid release and a small price to pay to for a trip back in time.

Are you ready to take this trip through time?
The soundtrack is available from Presto Studios for $10.95 plus shipping.

The release also spawned a supplementary soundtrack release in the form of The Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime: The Lost Tracks. The CD is only $5.95 and contains 13 additional tracks with an additional 20 minutes of music.  I would only recommend this CD to fans of the series, but for the price it’s hard not add it to your collection.

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