The Matrix is an ‘affordable’ SSL desk. Right.

July 1, 2008 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook The Matrix is an ‘affordable’ SSL desk. Right.on Twitter

In today’s modern studios, especially the smaller project studios, things aren’t as visually impressive as they used to be. Do you know why? There’s the absence of “big iron.” The digital age has brought about gear that that’s compact and multifunctional, and the days of needing a massive mixing board are gone. But that does not mean that project studio owners aren’t wanting one.

THE name in mixing consoles is SSL. Solid State Logic makes the finest, but when prices of their consoles start looking like home prices, that tends to scare the project studio owner away. Their answer is the SSL Matrix.

This Matrix is priced closer to a car (about $26,000) rather than a home. Hell, the Toyota Matrix (car) is cheaper than the SSL Matrix. Yeah, that’s up there. But it’s not impossible for the serious studio owner to buy one. It’s a 16-channel, 40 input mixer that also does 16 channels of DAW control. Oh, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Yes, this would bring the bling to your project studio. This site offers “payments as low as $780 a month.”

SSL, how about a half-sized version? I think they would laugh at that question. Hit the jump to see a routing example.

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