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The Raddest Man Alive Releases Raddical New CD!

April 15, 2010 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook The Raddest Man Alive Releases Raddical New CD!on Twitter

In my humble (but always correct and the only acceptable) opinion, Norrin Radd is one of the very best chiptune artists out there currently. Some might be saying “Norrin Radd isn’t a chiptune artist, he’s a space surfing astronomer”, but I can assure you, while they are not the same, they are equally awesome. Norrin always used Konami as the backbone of all his compositions, and released many songs which became dearly loved, and was also featured on Rocked ‘n’ Loaded. Lately he has been working on something to set himself apart from the mold a bit, and he’s finally ready to showcase how he set out to do this.

Anomaly is an NES death metal album which took 4 years to make, and features 15 songs with vocals. The way the vocals were added however is quite different, as he converted them into 1bit DPCM files and expanded the NES sound hardware with 2 additional channels to fit the vocals. The result is a mix of technical death metal, progressive rock and jazz in the familiar setting of the NES sound.

You can hear samples and order the CD from the man himself at his MySpace.

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