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There’s A Strong POSSIBILITY You’ll Like The “sanagi” Single

October 20, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook There’s A Strong POSSIBILITY You’ll Like The “sanagi” Singleon Twitter

Gintama (“Silver Soul”) has had a lot of catchy singles in its long, continuous run. We’ve talked about them before.

Today, we talk about the song “sanagi” by the J-rock group POSSIBILITY. This is the ninth ending theme for the TV anime (which, by our count, happens somewhere around the 3rd or 4th season). We’re digging into the past a wee bit with this one, as the single was released in May 2008. But we think it’s worth digging back and looking at. So check out our thoughts after the jump!

There are only two tracks on this single (barring the “sanagi INSTRUMENTAL” track). And I’m going to go backwards and start with the more interesting, though potentially more irritating, B-Side.

“it’s alright” is a ska track, minus the horns. It’s got the Reggae drums and syncopated guitar. It’s got the strangely accented and emphasized voice parts. It’s refreshing and silly, but for some people, it may come off as downright stupid. As a longtime fan of ska (including the ’90s “new wave” ska movement), this was just fine with me. Throw this track on a Tony Hawk game and I’ll be set for life. Yeah, that would be awesome. This style of music plus the Japanese language is an instant win for someone like me. Is it a win for you too? Pick-it-up pick-it-up pick-it-up and find out!

Now, the main attraction, “sanagi,” sounds like a melodic rock track akin to one of my favorite American bands, Mae. Of course, first impressions are always deceiving, and once the guitar intro is over, I realized I was in for something completely different from what I was expecting. Ladies and gentlemen, melodic rock meets hip-hop on “sanagi.” It’s a talk-rock track through the verses — catchy and cheesy all at the same time. It definitely fits Gintama well.

Check it out if you’re interested. SRCL-6798 is the catalog number to search for.

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