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This Week in Random – Bloodborne & Bosses & Beats, oh my!

April 30, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook This Week in Random – Bloodborne & Bosses & Beats, oh my!on Twitter

Bloodborne by Joseph Luster @

So I’m thinking I’m going to start little filler posts that deal with random game music-related things that I happen to come across during a given week that aren’t substantial enough to warrant their own full posts, but still are neat enough to give a bit of a nod to. It might not be an every-week thing, but something to sum up recent little gems I’ve come across either via social media, through friends or through news feeds. (Or just my casual bumbling about online.)

Beat the Boss: Remixes by Atavistic Spawn Records

Neat album I stumbled upon via Reddit that features recompositions of classic and not-so-classic boss themes, much like Overclocked Remix’s BadAss: Boss Themes albums. Caught my ear for it’s inclusion of the boss theme from Turrican done up with carefully-placed sound effects from the game, but also has stuff from Cave Story, Portal and Yoshi’s Island. Worth a listen to. On their Bandcamp (name your price).

Paleblood Moon” by Miracle of Sound

Something neat for Bloodborne fans to enjoy by Irish-Jesus himself, Gavin Dunne, aka: Miracle of Sound. It’s a nice orchestral piece featuring his own vocals that pretty much speaks for itself. (Or sings, in this case) I originally it posted to in-game cutscenes on Youtube, but you can grab the piece for yourself for a dollar on his Bandcamp page. I love him for his metal, but it’s a pretty kick-arse orchestral piece.

MAGStock 5 has opened up for registration. The event is MAGFest’s answer to Lollapolooza, with outdoor music, camping, and I’m told a bouncy castle. (Just giving further weight to the need for a ball pit at MAGFest Prime) The event is held is Louisa, Virginia this year from June 19-21st and registration is $50 plus the need for your own camping gear. Bands haven’t been announced yet, but last year featured Super Guitar Bros. amongst others, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

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