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This Week In Random – Impending Fantasies and Tales Giveaways

May 30, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook This Week In Random – Impending Fantasies and Tales Giveawayson Twitter

For This Week in Random, there’s some neat little tidbits to look forward to in the near future!

This up, the Kickstarter campaign for the game Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker’s Daughter looks like it very well might make it’s goal on it’s second go-around. With 56 hours left in the campaign, the game is less than a grand away from basic funding, and in order to encourage some last-minute backing, a giveaway of a separate OST of the game’s composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) is happening for a handful of lucky backers.

The next 100 Backers to do this will receive a digital copy of this amazing album by our legendary composer himself! Consisting of 13 tracks, the album is divided into two halves: “PULSE” is 21th century classical acoustic music in minimal style. “PICO PULSE” is electronic music in 8bit chiptune style. The result is captivating and strangely beautiful to listen to.

So if you haven’t backers Unraveled yet, you might want to in order to be one of the lucky few to get this album included, and even if not, it’s certainly an excellent album to check out regardless!

Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker’s Daughter

If you’re a fan of the older Final Fantasy game’s scores, you’ll soon be in luck. Overclocked Remix will soon be launching Rebellion: Inspired by Final Fantasy II. Directed by artist Brandon Strader, the album will feature several artists and regular OCR arrangers remixing songs from the 1988 game Final Fantasy II. You can check out the OCR-hosted trailer for an idea of what to expect.

The album will be dropping on Monday, June 8th on Overclocked Remix. Check out the trailer for a taste of what to expect and mark your calendars if you’re a hardcore FF2 fan itching for some classic tunes reborn!

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