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Tim Wright Confirms Delay for Wipeout Remix Album

March 16, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Tim Wright Confirms Delay for Wipeout Remix Albumon Twitter


Just about two weeks after publishing his first update, Tim Wright is back with a second post on his downtempo Wipeout remix album, Ch’illout”. In his previous update Wright mentioned that an intercontinental move was in store for he and his family and that he’d soon be working remotely from Switzerland. Understandably, this upheaval had the potential to push the Ch’illout” release beyond its promised date of March 31st… and it looks like it has.

“That teeny-tiny issue of moving here has indeed impacted completion. I had to move a week before I thought I would, so that put a lot of pressure on sorting out my main day job so that I could fly out earlier. This has added maybe a week to the proceedings, but nothing too worry-some,” Wright states in his update email.

The advanced move wasn’t the only thing that’s gotten in the way of the album release. “The company I’m using to produce the whole thing have told me they can’t fit me in until mid-late April now, as they have a large production run in front of my proposed job.”

There’s no time to sit on his hands until the production run begins. Wright adds that the album is “almost completely mastered now” and that work continues “finishing off those last few mixes”. He finishes off the update stating that his best guess is that he’ll begin final shipping to buyers in the last week of April.

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