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Tiny Barbarian DX Releases Chiptune Soundtrack Compilation

October 12, 2017 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Tiny Barbarian DX Releases Chiptune Soundtrack Compilationon Twitter

The 2D hack n’ slash action platformer Tiny Barbarian DX is seeing the music for all four of it’s episodes released in one large chiptune compilation, courtesy of Materia Collective and the game’s composer, Jeff Ball (Mass Effect 3, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition).

With the recent update that added Episodes 3 and 4 to the main game, Tiny Barbarian DX is now officially complete with bonus zones included and 2-player co-op added to the final build. As such, Materia Collective and Jeff Ball teamed up to release an album consisting of all of the music from the game in a massive 76-track compilation album of 8-bit chiptune goodness.

Tiny Barbarian DX was the first time I tackled a large scale chiptune soundtrack. It was a rush to channel all the nostalgia from old NES games like Mega Man and Castlevania into a project like this.” – Jeff Ball,Composer

The Tiny Barbarian DX: The Ultimate Chiptune Compilation is available for purchase now on Bandcamp, iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

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