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Tommy Tallarico Confirms Video Games Live Level 6 Album Kickstarter for February 2018

December 18, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Tommy Tallarico Confirms Video Games Live Level 6 Album Kickstarter for February 2018on Twitter

On December 15, 2017, Tommy Tallarico  confirmed that the next Video Games Live Album is in the works. The confirmation was made on Twitter when he re-tweeted Franklin Richard’s tweet which we’ve copied below:

Interestingly, it was also noted that the new album will feature the vocals of Jason Paige who is known for singing the original Pokémon theme song. Original Sound Version gave the last album, Level 5 a glowing review which you can read here if you missed it. I popped over to the Level 5 Kickstarter page this morning which revealed even more details:

Yesterday we made our big announcement by confirming LEVEL 6 for 2018 and revealing that we have partnered with original Pokemon TV show “Gotta Catch Em All” singer Jason Paige to do a powerful updated extended symphonic rock version of the iconic masterpiece AND that Jason will be joining us on future tours!

It was also revealed that I will be producing Jason’s next album which will focus on ALL rock/symphony/electronic recreations of the GREATEST pop-culture hits of the 80’s & 90’s! The setlist and album which will be picked entirely by the fans! Theme suggestions to include Pokemon (duh!), TMNT, Animaniacs, The Simpsons, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Duck Tales, Tiny Toons, Digimon, Scooby Doo, Full House, Spider-Man and MANY MANY more!

Check out our interactive Facebook Live chat we had in which you’ll hear Jason do some hilarious on-the-spot singing and answering questions! Sorry about the muffled audio in the beginning! New phone… didn’t realize I had my finger over the mic! 🙂 Hope you’ll take part in LEVEL 6! Coming in February!!

Tommy Tallarico

I can only speculate what other games will be covered on the Level 6 album, but I have a strong feeling that Undertale, Earthbound/Mother and Katamari Damacy might be strong contenders. All three were included as possible stretch goal tracks for the last album and it wouldn’t surprise me if they made the cut this time. Personally I’ve expressed to Tommy Tallarico I’ve love to see Tim Follin’s Silver Surfer represented. And I have to say, Jason Paige’s new album in the works sounds radical dude.

Is there a video game soundtrack you’d like to see on Video Games Live Level 6?

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