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Famicom Classics on Piano: Pia-Com I Recording Footage

November 24, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Famicom Classics on Piano: Pia-Com I Recording Footageon Twitter

Dog Ear Records and Keita Egusa are getting ready to release their new project Pia-Com I this week and it looks to be an extremely interesting album to say the least. Keita Egusa is quite a skilled pianist, and the album will feature 7 piano arrangements from various Famicom games like Mother, Yie Ar Kung Fu and Salamander.

To pump people up for the release, Dog Ear has released a recording session video of Egusa performing Yie Ar Kung Fu, and on the official website they have put up samples of all the songs for you to enjoy. Judging from the samples and the video, this will be unmissable for classic games and piano fans.

Head on over to Dog Ear Records and check it out yourself!

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