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Turrican Composer Chris Huelsbeck Releases C64 Anthology

September 23, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Turrican Composer Chris Huelsbeck Releases C64 Anthologyon Twitter

Chris Huelsbeck, composer of many Commodore games back in the heyday of the console such as Turrican, Great Giana Sisters (and its modern iteration, Twisted Dreams) and Apidya has released an album comprised of original recordings created using the Commodore 64 hardware.

The SID Anthology Vol. 1 is a thoroughly “mixed and mastered to be enjoyed on modern stereo systems as well as headphones while still preserving the vibe of the original hardware, this C64 music can now be experienced in previously unheard quality.” Given Huelsbeck’s history with the sound hardware of not only the Commodore 64, but also the Commodore Amiga, it’s familiar territory for the composer.

The 13-track album can be purchased on Bandcamp for $6.99. The fact that this is volume one would seem to indicate that this will be something Huelsbeck hopes to continue with, so fans should likely keep an eye out for future installments if this one tickles your fancy.

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