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Turrican Soundtrack Anthology By Chris Hülsbeck Kickstarter

April 16, 2012 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Turrican Soundtrack Anthology By Chris Hülsbeck Kickstarteron Twitter

At the end of the 1980s, the video game world had found itself many new heroes, rising to their iconic place in video game history through the joyous trip of their virtual worlds and stories, gaining love and recognition from all nations and ages. The gaming landscape had become a place filled with the most vibrant of fantasies, a creative haven for young and old minds alike, creating an golden era of video games that would fill gamers with memories of unparalleled interaction, sound and action.

Turrican would in 1989 be the premier showcase of the power a video game could have, taking the breath away from gamers around the world with incredible graphics, vast worlds and an unforgettable soundtrack as the silver donned hero explored the alien world. It is due to the strength of the soundtrack that the game has become a fan favorite that still survives in the hearts of both new and seasoned gamers even today, a soundtrack composed by Chris Hülsbeck. Hülsbeck became a treasured member of the gaming industry across Europe with the unmatched melodic depth and futuristic appeal of his music, and as he continued his long career, he would go on to inspire many fellow musicians to take the step into the daunting world of video game music. Chris Hülsbeck became an icon, and his contributions and support has been celebrated numerous times, from sold out albums to sold out venues, performing his music in symphony with fans attending from around the world.

Now, Hülsbeck will prepare to celebrate the games which truly launched him into stardom with the announcement of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter, a project that aims to arrange and celebrate the Turrican series. Among the plans, you find one of the finest orchestras in the world, The WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne, the orchestra most known for the award winning Symphonic Fantasies and Symphonic Shades, to be contributing to the project with all new arrangements from the legendary series. To achieve this, Chris Hülsbeck is now asking his fans to support him in a Kickstarter campaign to make the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology become a reality.

“My first Turrican album has sold roughly 10.000 units over the years. I know that the games still have a following, too. This project is a personal dream of mine and I hope that together with all the fans, we can make this happen!” -Chris Hülsbeck

By pledging $25.00 you get the whole album on MP3 + a PDF booklet, while $50.00 gets you a limited edition numbered and signed 3 CD set. + the MP3’s before the album is printed. Aside from the finished CDs, supporters of the project can get their hands on numerous goodies like posters, t-shirts, Turrican ringtones for their mobiles, or even tickets for an orchestral game music concert that will take place in November in Cologne, Germany. Those who are willing to support the project with a larger sum may take an exclusive look behind the scenes and will be personally informed by Chris about the progress during the production. With the orchestra, studio production, premium booklet and packaging prints, the goal is $75,000, and will run until June 3rd.

For many, our youths would not have been filled with the melodic memories that Hülsbeck provided, and for some, without his soundtracks, they would not be here today instilled with the passion and lifelong love for video games, such as yours truly.

Go to the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter and make sure to support this special project!

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