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Ubiktune Universe Grows New Stars

March 20, 2012 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Ubiktune Universe Grows New Starson Twitter

We’re only halfway through March of 2012, but Ubiktune has been busy making every month like Christmas with several new releases. 2011 was Ubiktune’s greatest year to date, but it seems they are already well on their way to eclipse their own success even further.

Currently Ubiktune has a slew of new artists showcasing their talents for the chiptune world to listen at large. Of the latest releases, beyond the fantastic releases of Shnabubula’s NES Jams, C-Jeff’s Preschtale and Jake “Virt” Kaufman’s FX4 (All of which Audun will take a closer look at later this week!), we’ve also been treated to a taste of nostalgic bliss with I Miss You – Earthbound 2012, and it’s interesting use of the Earthbound soundfont in the entire album’s creation to give an appropriate heartfelt and evoking feel with various well known artists graciously lending their talents. Maxo released his first completed album, FAKEBIT 2012, with interesting pop style and change-ups in rhythm and pace to give it a unique sound. (“Contexts From Last Night” sounds fairly reminiscent of Starlight Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog for you Sonic lovers). 7bit Date: Robot Love combines the “primitive” video game natures with a slight hip-hop and electronic jazz fusion that will make you find yourself tapping your foot to courtesy of Beek. If you’re looking for something that strays from traditional chiptune style, subPixel’s The Wave combines live instrumentation renditions and chiptune versions on the same EP for dual-listening experiences, showcasing the strength of the compositions in both live and electronic enviroments.

Check it all out on and hear for yourself, and check back here for the reviews of NES Jams, Preschtale and FX4!

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