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Ubisoft surprise launches musical exploration game Ode

Ubisoft surprise launches musical exploration game Ode

November 28, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Ubisoft surprise launches musical exploration game Odeon Twitter

Ubisoft surprise launches musical exploration game Ode

Ubisoft’s Reflections studio has once again sprung a colorful and charming new game on us out of nowhere. After their recent action/shooter Atomega, the team has returned to the minimal, open-ended style of 2015’s Grow Home but with a new musical touch. Ode is a “music exploration adventure” where everything in the game’s four garden worlds reacts musically to your actions.

Playing as the bubble-bound alien Joy, your goal is to explore these foreign environments by collecting and throwing fallen stars that have different effects on the flora, fauna, and even Joy herself. Using these abilities allows you to solve musical puzzles and reach new areas, all the while adding to the soundtrack in unique ways based on how you play.

From the brief debut trailer above, that soundtrack feels a little bit like Rez-meets-Vib-Ribbon. The thumping synthesized percussion and vocaloid voices make a pretty compelling argument for the game’s minimal $4.99 price tag. Ode is out now on PC and you can pick it up through Uplay, although it’ll probably make its way to Steam alongside all of Ubisoft Reflections’ other releases in due time.

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