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Valkyria Chronicles Series Piano Album Coming in June

May 3, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Valkyria Chronicles Series Piano Album Coming in Juneon Twitter

We’ve actually been sitting on this one for awhile, as we hadn’t found a good opening to publish our customary liner notes interview with Hitoshi Sakimoto regarding his work on Valkyria Chronicles 3 until this morning.  He mentions the album in his commentary, although Basiscape has since formally announced the album.  The “Piano Pieces” album will feature 10 tracks from the game arranged and performed by pianist Casey Ormond.

After hearing the guitar arrangements from the Valkyria Chronicles 3 album, I was thinking some other arrangement albums could be a really good idea. The fact that Basiscape is tackling the series as a whole may mean that the series is going to cool down for awhile? In any case, I’m really excited about this album, and am looking forward to its release at the end of June. I just wish there were more than 10 tracks! Here’s hoping that they’re long ones.

Are you surprised by the announcement of this album or the performer involved? Any votes for which themes you’d like to hear most? Mine’s the Valkyria Chronicles 2 main theme, hands down.

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