VGM Band and Chiptune Artist Map

August 21, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook VGM Band and Chiptune Artist Mapon Twitter

Ever wonder if any video game music bands, nerdcore artists or chiptune peeps are in your area? Well, for your stalking pleasure, you now can find out where your favorite artists hail from! (note: please no actual stalking; nobody likes a creeper)

First Lady of Chiptunes, Erin “Ryn” McQuisten of Chiptunes = WIN has created a Google Map documenting the locations of a hefty list of the current scene’s video game bands, Nerdcore Artists, Visualists and Chiptune Artists from around the globe! An interesting little piece of valuable info if you happen to have some musical artists near you that you may have never known about. (I never knew that chiptune band The Revengineers were right near me!)

You can check out the VG Artists map here – Artist Map/List

Many thanks to Erin for her hard work at acquiring this expansive list for the community to enjoy!

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