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Wailing Heights Trailer Shows You how to be a Deadbeat

January 28, 2016 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Wailing Heights Trailer Shows You how to be a Deadbeaton Twitter


It’s been a while since I first posted about Wailing Heights, a macabre musical adventure game from Outsider Games. Since their reveal announcement back in September the team has moved into the Top 30 on Steam Greenlight. To celebrate the game’s ongoing coverage and positive reaction they’ve released a new trailer featuring the 60’s stylings of  The Deadbeats.

The Deadbeats are the world renowned band that Frances Finklestein to manage back when he had a body. In the land of Wailing Heights he finds himself doing the “body-hop” to jump from hipster vampire to Motown zombie, all in the search for a way to reunite with his body.

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