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Huge Waste of Money: Classic Namco Sound Effects Now on iTunes!

September 2, 2009 | | 6 Comments Share thison Facebook Huge Waste of Money: Classic Namco Sound Effects Now on iTunes!on Twitter

Do you remember being at the arcade as a kid, playing the great Namco classic Pac-Man, and saying to yourself, “Man, I wish I had these sounds effects on my Walkman so I could listen to them anywhere, any time.  That would be radical!” Well, brace yourself, ’cause today that wish has become an amazing reality. Namco has some special exclusive iTunes releases for you today, such as PAC-MAN Game Sound Effects. Now, I know your pants already hit the floor, but just wait till you see the tracklist!

01. Credit Sound
02. Start Music
03. PAC-MAN: Eating Cookie
04. Extend Sound
05. Ghost: Normal Move
06. Ghost: Spurt Move #1
07. Ghost: Spurt Move #2
08. Ghost: Spurt Move #3
09. Ghost: Spurt Move #4
10. PAC-MAN: Eating Fruit
11. Ghost: Turn to Blue
12. PAC-MAN: Eating Ghost
13. Ghost: Return to Home
14. Miss
15. Coffee Break Music
16. Game Play

The complete running time? 3 minutes. NAMCO also released Xevious Game Sound Effects which contains such heartfelt classics such as “Blaster: Shoot #1” and “Zapper: Shoot #1.” They’re yours for the small price of $3 USD.  Radical!

[via VGMdb]

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