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Welcome to Reitaisai 7: Touhou Hell

Welcome to Reitaisai 7: Touhou Hell

March 9, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Welcome to Reitaisai 7: Touhou Hellon Twitter

If you thought the bullets in Touhou games were hard to dodge, well then try dodging the amount of releases coming out of this event, because it’s pretty much equal number. Reitaisai is an annual event much like M3 and Comiket that has a more specific approach towards Touhou Project, the world famous doujin shooter that goes back to PC-98 and all the way up to today on regular PC. The series, which spans 12 or so official games, is made by one man named ZUN, and is today a media franchise which doesn’t seem to ever stop losing steam. The Reitaisai event started out as an event for ZUN to release new editions of his games, but today, it’s grown to be a central hub for Touhou releases of all kinds.

So far, there are 75+ CDs announced to be released there, and that’s just music albums mind you, you can expect an even higher amount of doujinshi (comics), fan games and fan-art collections being released there, not to mention that the announcements will keep coming until the day of the event, making it impossible to even consider catching all the releases. Some familiar names who are releasing CDs are TAMUSIC, IRON ATTACK!, XL Project, DDBY, IOSYS and ALiCE’S EMOTiON.

Reitaisai 7 takes place at the Tokyo Big Sight on March 14th.

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