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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap & Soundtrack get Physical Release August 4th

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap & Soundtrack get Physical Release August 4th

The soundtrack to Lizardcube’s HD remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap was frequently requested following the game’s release back in April. Michael Geyre rearranged Shinichi Sakamoto’s original 16-bit soundtrack for live instruments in an array of music styles and just a few weeks ago it was finally released on Bandcamp and Steam.

Wonder Boy fans looking for an extra special way to commemorate the game (and its music) need look no further than Limited Run Games. The boutique outlet has announced an August 4th release date for a physical packaging of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap including a Collector’s Edition with the full soundtrack on two discs.

Alongside a fold-out poster, trading cards, and physical packaging, the album includes 89 tracks with over 2 hours of music. Disc 1 includes the game’s soundtrack while Disc 2 offers a chance to hear alternate versions, sketches, and unused tracks from the game’s development. You can read more about the soundtrack including the full tracklist and watch developer videos at the official site.

Call in sick to work if you’re up for this release though. You’ll want to be ready on Friday, August 4th when Limited Run begins selling their limited run of only 3,000 Collector’s Editions. For those of us not as daring there’s always the Bandcamp page where we can give the full first disc a thorough listening.

Anyone out there blocking off their Friday to jump on this offer? Let us know your plans in the comments.

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