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World of Tanks gets music update from Akira Yamaoka and Sabaton

August 18, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook World of Tanks gets music update from Akira Yamaoka and Sabatonon Twitter

World of Tanks gets music update from Akira Yamaoka and Sabaton

I’ve always found World of Tanks to be a fascinating diversion of the typical online multiplayer action game even if I have yet to dive into it myself. One thing I can report on though is the latest, possibly most fascinating news from the game as it revolves around music.

Wargaming has enlisted the help of two very different musical personalities who are known to be frequent “Tankers”: famed Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and Swedish power metal band Sabaton. Yamaoka has created a unique track for the game that will be added soon while Sabaton and Wargaming collaborated on a music video for their song “Primo Victoria”. Sabaton has also been incorporated into the game as the first “music-inspired tank” complete with likenesses of the band members serving as the tank crew.

“We are just as thrilled as Wargaming to release a World of Tanks-style music video for one of our most famous songs—Primo Victoria. The shooting took place at Arsenalen Tank Museum in Sweden, and not far from Minsk. It was a true experience for us to ride real tanks and even crash one through a wall. Being involved in the creation of the music video and in-game content for the game is an honor for us. We put our heart and soul into it and are excited to present the results of our collaboration to the global community of tankers that we’re a part of.” – Pär Sundström, Sabaton bass player

You can check out the “Tank Metal” video here and if you’d like to hear what World of Tanks actually sounds like you can grab the current soundtrack for free from their site. Wargaming is also bringing both Yamaoka and Sabaton to gamescom next week for a live performance so if you happen to be attending you shouldn’t have to look (or listen) hard to find them.

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