Worst Thing Ever: Iron Chef Music Changes

June 24, 2008 | | 8 Comments Share thison Facebook Worst Thing Ever: Iron Chef Music Changeson Twitter

In our recent review of Sekaiju no MeiQ² *shoou no seihai* SUPER ARRANGE VERSION, I joked that one of the pieces on the album sounded similar to the music used in the Japanese television show, Iron Chef. Well, I just had the cable guy out today as I’ve been without cable for a couple years, and of course the first thing I sought out was Iron Chef. Little did I know, however, that as of May 2008, the show had moved from Food Network to the Fine Living Channel where… it pains me to report, all the music had been changed!

The music from the original Iron Chef show, including the iconic theme song, was actually borrowed from the Backdraft film, composed by Hans Zimmer. According to Wikipedia (a reliable source), the music was removed due to legal issues with NBC Universal. The new music is considerably less epic and greatly detracts from the Iron Chef experience.

Is anyone as upset about this as I am? Will you join me in writing a letter to the Fine Living Channel to correct this great injustice?

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